Planbook Plus User Guide

 Timeline View Planbook Plus makes the daily task of lesson planning intuitive and more effective by combining powerful tools for organization with ease of use. Designed by educators to seamlessly create or import lesson elements and map activities to curriculum and standard.

Timeline View: Adding Units and Sub-Units

Once you have created your Planbook, you will be directed to the Timeline page to add entries. Here you can add Items (Units) and Sub-Items (Sub-Units) to your Planbook to create the quick outline

Add Item (Unit) 

To add an Item to your Planbook, click the ‘Add Item Below’ button. Double click the highlighted item to add/edit the text and press enter to save it.

Add Sub-Item (Sub-Unit) 

Highlight the Item you want to add the Sub-Item (Sub-Unit) to and click the ’Add Sub-Item’. You can add multiple Sub-Items to an Item as long as the Item is highlighted. You can add SubItems to Sub-Items as long as the Sub-Item is highlighted.

Double click the highlighted item to add/edit the text and press enter to save it.  


Delete an Item or Sub-Item

To delete an Item or Sub-Item, hover over the Item or Sub-Item in the Gantt Chart and click the x.

Restore an Item or Sub-Item

Click on the Restore button. A Box will populate with your deleted items. Select the item you want to restore by checking the box next to it, then press the Restore Button  

Expand or Collapse the Items or Sub-Items

You can expand or collapse the Items and Sub-Items by clicking on the triangle preceding each Item or Sub-Item with multiple items. There is also the ability to ‘Expand All’ or ‘Collapse All’ by clicking on the links listed next to the Title.

Move an Item or Sub-Item

You may want to change the order of your Items and Sub-Items. To do this, you will click on the Item or Sub-Item and drag it to the new position. You will notice 3 horizontal bars that will show you the placement of the Item you are moving. The longest line designates exactly where the Item will drop.

You will notice a + if you are moving an Item or Sub-Item to a new Item. 

Toggle between Week/Month View

 To change the Gantt Chart view from Weekly to Monthly, click the Month button. It is located on the right side of the screen above the Gantt chart.

Change Unit Duration

You have the option to change the duration for a Sub-Item. Double click in the Duration column of the Item you want to change and click the up or down arrow to change the number of days expected to work on a Sub-Item.

Fixed Start Date

Once your data has been entered, you may need to make some changes. Some Items may need to have a fixed start date. There are two options to set the fixed start date. The first option is to click and drag the leading edge or ending edge of the blue rectangle in the Gantt Chart. Your cursor will change to a double arrow and you can drag it to the date you want the lesson to start or end. Once you do this, you will see a ‘Lock’ icon to let you know this Item is locked and the date will not be changed if any Items listed before it are changed.

You have the ability to overlap two items if you will be covering two Items in one day. Drag the ending edge of the rectangle into a specific day (ending that day) and take the Item below it and drag the leading edge of the rectangle into the same day (starting that day).

The other option to manipulate the fixed date is to double click on the blue rectangle in the Gantt Chart, Then select Overview, Then Edit

Now that your outline is done, it is time to add the details by adding/editing Elements, Standards and Resources. Double Click the blue button in timeline to continue adding data to your Planbook. Please see the Planbook Edit Item guide for more information.


Add Narratives

To add the Details of your lesson plan, click on the 'Details' button next to the lesson name.