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Planbook Plus User Guide: Planbook Item Edit
Planbook Plus makes the daily task of lesson planning intuitive and more effective by combining powerful tools for organization with ease of use. Designed by educators to seamlessly create or import lesson elements and map activities to curriculum and standards.

Enter Planbook Item Edit  

To enter Planbook item edit, first go to timeline view and click 'Details' next to the lesson name.

You can also access 'Planbook Item Edit' page by clicking on the lesson name from the calendar view.


Clicking edit will enable you to change the Fixed start date, time of start and end time, duration of days. You can also add or change the name of the Item.


This page will permit you to enter the data needed in each category. You can enter the data one category at a time and the data is Auto-saved.


On the standards tab you have the ability of choosing standards that are already uploaded in planbook plus or copy and paste your own. To add pre-existing standards already in Planbook click “Add Standards”. To add your own click the Edit button. Add your context then click save. You can also remove standards by checking off the boxes of the items you wish to remove then click “remove selected”



There are 4 options for adding a resource. New Website, New Note, New File or Online Lesson*(Online Lessons are available for Master Planner only). Please see our Adding an Online Lesson User guide for more details about Online Lessons. Basic Planner can store up to 200MB of data. Advanced and Master Planner are Unlimited data storage.

Adding different types of resources to your lesson plans:

Once you fill in the information about the resource, you now have the option to choose when to share with students. Then click "Add".

Not Shared - The lesson will never appear for a student to see. *This would be used for a Teacher Resource (ie. Answer Key)

Share Immediately- The lesson will appear immediately in the students calendar for them to view.

Share Manually - The lesson will appear as a checkbox for you to choose when to release the lesson.

Share on Date - The lesson will become available to students on the date of the lesson

These options are editable once they are added.

You also have the option of deleting or editing once they have been added. To delete check the box next to the one you want to remove then select “delete selected”.

To edit, see the pencil on the right side of the screen in row with the resource item.

The order of your resources can be changed by dragging and dropping.