Planbook Linked Lessons

Linking a lesson allows lesson plans to be reused in multiple Planbooks. For the linked lesson, the scheduling information may be updated because you may need to teach that lesson on a different day or at a different time. The detailed information, however, such as the elements, standards, and resources, cannot be changed. This is extremely helpful when using multiple Planbooks to manage multiple sections (or periods) of the same course, or in AM/PM kindergarten scenarios.

Linking a Lesson

To add a linked lesson, from the Calendar you can choose a lesson to link to other Planbooks using the dropdown menu on that lesson as shown below:


Options will be given for creating the linked lesson. Please choose the following:

  1. The Planbooks in which the linked lesson will be created

  2. The date for the linked lesson

    1. If the date needs to be adjusted due to scheduling or holidays, it will be moved forward to the next available day per Planbook.


The linked lesson will show on the calendar with a link icon to designate the link to another lesson.

Editing a Linked Lesson

When viewing the linked lesson, the scheduling information will be the only editable content. The other content (elements, standards, and resources) are pulled directly from the original lesson. To edit that content there is a “Click Here” link in the information bar that navigates to the original lesson.


Notice that the Elements are not editable when viewing the linked lesson. 


Deleting a Linked Lesson

Delete a linked lesson just like any other lesson, using the timeline view. Note that deleting a linked lesson only deletes the lesson plan from that specific Planbook. It does not have an impact on the original lesson.