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Menu / Navigation Updates

"Planning" Menu Item

The new Planning item allows for quick access to each of the main Planbook views such as the Calendar, Timeline, and Weekly Planner.


"My Planbooks" Menu Item

Hovering over the My Planbooks item will now show a slide-out menu allowing you to choose to return to Planbook Search or Add a New Planbook


“Gears” Menu Icon

The new “gears” icon is the new hub for account functions. My Account and Logout have moved here as well as the new Preferences item.

Switching Planbooks

Selecting Planbooks just got easier. From the Calendar, Timeline, Weekly Planner, or Settings page, the current Planbook name is displayed in the top left corner of the page. To switch to a different Planbook, click the name of the current Planbook selection which will open a dropdown list with all Planbooks within the same school year.

Viewing Planbooks on Calendar

The current Planbook selection, whose name appears in the top left corner of the page, will always display on the calendar. Additional Planbooks can be displayed simultaneously by selecting them in the Planbook filter dropdown. Click here to learn more.

Element Designer Shortcut

On both the Weekly Planner and the Elements tab in Advanced Item Edit, there is a link to the Element Design page.

Calendar Updates

Adding Lessons on Calendar

When the current Planbook selection does not have a lesson that occurs on a given day, click the Add New Lesson button below the date to add a new lesson on that day. If there is a neighboring unit to the day you’re adding the new lesson, you can specify whether the new lesson should occur in the neighboring unit or if it should be added as a standalone lesson outside of the unit. Click here to learn more.

Editing Lesson Start and End Time on Calendar

Below each lesson name on the calendar are start and end times for the lesson. To change them, click on the start or end time and select a new time. Click here to learn more.

Planbook Default Times

This new setting on the Planbook Settings page allows you to select default start and end times for any new items that get added to the Planbook.

Planbook Colors

Planbooks can be more distinguishable by setting colors per Planbook to be displayed on the calendar. All items from a Planbook will appear with a background color equivalent to the assigned color setting. Colors can be selected on the Preferences page in the Colors tab. Click here to learn more.

Timeline Updates

Outline and Details Mode on Timeline

Toggling between outline and details mode on the timeline is no more. Both modes are always available. To make quick edits to a unit or lesson’s name or duration, double click the value on the list. To make more advanced modifications, click on the corresponding bar in the timeline to navigate to Advanced Item Edit.

Reporting Updates

Advanced Reporting Options

New advanced options allow customizability for the amount of information displayed on each report. Not using the advanced options will print data for the entire Planbook for the Standard Coverage and Outline reports. The Lesson Plan report will default to displaying all elements and hiding unit items. Click here to learn more.


Force A, B, or Custom Day

You can now force a scheduled day to occur on a specific date and scheduling will continue from that day as normal from that date on. For example, a 5-day rotation ends on Day 3 in the first semester. If the school resets back to Day 1 on the first day of the second semester, that is possible to achieve by setting the first day of the second semester to be a Day 1. Click here to learn more.

Linked Lessons

From the Calendar, you can choose a lesson to link to other Planbooks. Linking a lesson allows for the same lesson to be reused among different Planbooks. A linked lesson’s scheduling is adjustable but the detailed information such as the elements, standards, and resources cannot be changed. Click here to learn more.

Planbook Specials

From Planbook search, you can add special items that will also appear on your Calendar. These special items reoccur between two dates and can also follow a scheduling type. These items are useful if they are temporary exceptions to your daily plan and would like to see them on the calendar. Click here to learn more.


Custom Holidays

Custom holidays are holidays that pertain to a single Planbook. Lessons in the Planbook that would take place on the holiday are shifted and take place on the next scheduled day. For Planbooks using A, B, or Custom scheduling, custom holidays never shift the scheduling day. For example, if the holiday falls on what would be a B day, the B day stays where it is and the next day is an A day. Click here to learn more.

Shared Holidays

You can now have holidays that are reused by all of your Planbooks. If a Planbook that uses A, B, or Custom scheduling also has Skipping Holidays enabled, holidays will shift the scheduling day. For example, if a holiday falls on what would be an A day, the A day is moved to the next day. Click here to learn more.