I Can Not Find My Lessons after Changing Scheduling Types

If you change your schedule type after starting your planbook, your lessons may move to a new date. If you are unable to find your lessons on the Calendar view, you can easily find these lessons using the Timeline view. After locating your lesson, check the dates for the lesson plans by forcing the first lesson plan to fall on a specific day. Here is one way to do that.

Fixing the Lesson Plan Dates

Navigate to the details for that lesson by clicking on the lesson from your calendar view or timeline view.

Then click on the "overview tab". select Edit. Enter a date in fixed start date.

Then select "Save".


You create five lessons for the first five days of school.

Then you change the scheduling type to A.

By default, the first day of your planbook is an A day. 

Therefore, your first lesson in your planbook will remain on the first day of school. 

Your next lesson, however, will be on the 3rd day of school since the 2nd day of school is a B day.

There are many benefits to this strategy. This strategy allows you to outline your lesson plan without concern for the actual days on which the lesson plan will be taught, and later, align the lesson plans to your school calendar. 

For example, you can easily switch a planbook which teaches a class everyday for one semester, to a class that you teach all year using an A/B schedule. Planbook Plus automatically reassigns the dates based on the new schedule.

Started Planning Mid Year?

 If you start your lesson plans in the middle of the school year, and adjust the scheduling type, the impact appears more drastic.

If you switch from A or B, Custom (rotation), or weekday to none (meaning every day), your lesson plans will collapse so that they occur each day. Additionally, if your first lesson plan is mid-year, it will occur earlier in the school year.

If you switch from none to A or B, Custom (rotation), or weekday, your lesson plans will expand so that they occur on the appropriate day. Additionally, if your first lesson plan is mid-year, it will move to a date later in the year.

The Planbook Plus scheduling types affect the dates on which lesson plans area scheduled.

This is an advanced topic, and if there are any questions, please contact our support team. We are glad to help!