What Is Student Sharing?

Student Sharing gives teachers the availability to share their planbook with their students and parents. The information you share is customizable. Once you choose the planbook elements and resources you want to share, you can create a link then share the link with your students.

Students will only be able to view your planbook in Calendar mode, showing only the elements and resources you choose to show. The shared data is read only. Students will not be able to make any changes to your planbook. You can remove access to the data at any time by deleting the link in Planbook Plus

Once the students have access to the planbook they can review homework assignments or see what's coming up in class. The link is dynamic. Any changes you make to the elements that you are sharing will be shown to the students.

How to Select the Elements, Resources, and Linked Lessons being shared

You have the ability to choose which elements of the planbook are shared through the “Design Tab” located in "Planbook settings". You may also access the design tab through the "Customize Element Design" Tab from the Elements page.

This step should be done first so when the link is created you are sharing only what you want your students to see from each planbook.


The system has 4 settings for sharing elements, Share Manually, Not Shared, Share Immediately, and Share on Date. The system will default all your elements to Share Manually. You will need to check off the element boxes you would like your students to see from the calendar view.

From the Elements tab click "Customize Element Design"button to edit sharing for each element. 

A design tab will open. Click the red pencil net to the element you want to change.

The sharing options will become available. Click the Disk to save your selection. The red X will cancel the Edit and close without saving.

Overall view of what your calendar view looks like:

'Not Shared' will never share that element and will be not be visible to students. The icon is absent when the never option is selected indicating it has not been opted sharing.

'Share Immediately' will always share that element and will be visible to students. This Icon is grayed out to show it is always shared.

'Share Manually' gives you the option to share or not to share with a check box in calendar view. This Icon is able to be edited showing the choice to share. 

'Share on Date' will look the same as 'Share manually' once the date of the lesson occurs. Until the date of the lesson the student sharing icon will be grayed out with no check in the box.

Resources & Linked Lessons

Sharing resources and Linked lessons sharing always behaves like the Share Manually option for sharing lesson elements. You can check the box when you want to share or uncheck to stop sharing.

This image shows a linked lesson with the choice option for student sharing.

The below image shows all Resources (Website, Text & Files) as choice sharing. Simply check the box to share at anytime.  

The student sharing link you create is dynamic. Changes you make to the elements that are being shared will be able to be viewed by the students without another link being created. However if you had an element set to never share, and now you want to share it, a new link must be created and distributed.

You can then follow these next steps of student sharing to create your link and share it.

How to share with students

If you want to share a planbook with your students or parents of students, you can generate a link with an optional password for them to access by clicking on “student sharing”. This is located under the “My Planbooks” tab on the top right hand side of the page.

You will be directed to the Planbook sharing link page, where you can name the shared link, set a password and choose the planbooks you wish to share. You have the ability to share multiple planbooks. You can then share the URL with your students. You do not have to set a password.

You can simply stop sharing by going back to the planbook student sharing link and removing the link by clicking the red circle with the white dash to the right of the link.

This is the view that your students will have.

Editing a student sharing link, name, or password

You can change the name of a student sharing link, change or set a password, or add or remove planbooks from the student sharing link by pressing the edit button (red pencil).

To remove a planbook from the student sharing link, click the x on the right side of the planbook box in the edit field. 

Once you make your desired changes press the save button(disk) to save your changes. You may also discard your changes by pressing the red X. 

Changes are made real time. There is no need to redistribute the link. As soon as you make the change, the student link will reflect the changes immediately.