How to Retrieve a Planbook that has been Shared with You

Go to planbook search by clicking on the "Planbook Plus logo" on the top left hand side of the page or use the "My Planbooks" drop down on the top right of the screen.

Select the radio button under the search box “Planbooks Shared with Me.

Once you access the shared planbook, it is read only.

You can view it in Calendar view, Timeline View, Weekly planner, planbook settings, and Print.

However, you can choose to make a copy of the planbook and then have the ability to make changes to the copied version.

Copying a Whole Shared Planbook 

Select the "copy" feature shown below in the actions.

Once you make the copy you can make changes to it as this is now your owned planbook.

One of the great benefits of this is a teacher can share a planbook with another teacher, then they can make changes to it, and then share it back with the original teacher.  

Copying Parts of a Planbook

Before copying it is recommended to have each lesson under corresponding Units. This will allow you to pick multiple lessons before copying to another planbook.

From the timeline view of the shared planbook, you can choose parts of a shared planbook to copy.

On the timeline, click on the Unit or lesson that you would like to copy and then click the "Copy Item button." 

TIP: If you would like to copy more than one lesson in a unit, you may want to select the unit and then you can pick and choose the individual lessons in the next step.

This will open the Planbook Copy Wizard. The first step is to select the destination. 


The source is the shared planbook. Select the units or lessons that you want to copy. If you want to copy the entire unit and create a new unit in your planbook, then select the unit level. If you want to add any or all lessons into an existing unit in your planbook, then just select the lessons to copy. 


Select the school year and planbook that you would like the copied items to be placed. 

Then select the copy position. The below option will place the copied items below (and at the same level) as the item highlighted. The Sub-item option will put the items as sub-items under the highlighted position. 

Click "Next" to move on to the next step. 

In the picture above, the copied items would be placed in Unit 2. 

The next step in the wizard is the Preview step. This will allow you to preview the placement of the copied items. 

You can click "Next" or you can click "Previous" to go back and change the location if it is not correct. 

The last step in the process is to map the elements from the copied lessons into the elements of your planbook. 
  • Any elements with the same name, will be matched up. 

  • If there is no match, there are options to choose an existing element, append or ignore. 
    • Map to an existing/similar element from your planbook.
    • Append - will add the element to your design
    • Ignore - will skip the element and not add it to your planbook.  

When you are finished, click the "Finish and Copy" button. 

Removing a planbook that has been shared with you 

 First, click on preferences through the gears icon. 

Next, Click the Shared Planbooks Tab.

Once on the Shared Planbooks screen, you can see all the planbooks that have been shared with you and remove the ones you no longer need access to by clicking the remove button to the right of the screen. Once they are removed the only way to get them back to to have them shared with you by that user again.