What is Teacher Sharing

Teacher Sharing is a new feature that allows a teacher to share their Planbook with another teacher.  When a Planbook is shared, a teacher is allowed READ ONLY access to another teacher’s Planbook.  This is dynamic and the shared Planbook will be updated anytime the creator of the original Planbook makes changes.

Once a Planbook is shared with a teacher, that teacher can COPY the Planbook (this is a snapshot of the current Planbook) and make changes and add data to the copied Planbook. This is explained in detail below.

Teacher sharing can also be revoked by the creator of the original Planbook.

To Share a Planbook

To access the Teacher Sharing feature in Planbook Plus, you will search for the Planbook you wish to share with a fellow teacher by clicking on ‘My Planbooks’ on the black menu bar, then selecting ‘Search Planbooks’ on the dropdown menu.

Next click on the ‘Settings Icon’ designated by the wrench and screw driver icon in line with the Planbook you wish to share. 

The Teacher Sharing functionality is also available from the Timeline, Calendar, or weekly Planner. Click the ‘Planbook Settings’ button at the top of the page to access the Teacher Sharing option.

Click on the ‘Teacher Sharing’ tab.

You will be redirected to the Planbook Teacher Sharing page where you will enter the Email Address of the teacher that you want to share this Planbook with and then click the ‘Check User’ button.

When you click the ‘Check User’ button, you will see a green circle with a white checkmark alert to let you know the email address is a valid email address of another Planbook Plus user. If you see a red circle with a white ‘X’, this is not an email address associated with a Planbook Plus user and you can’t share your Planbook.

Click the ‘Share’ button and you will see a green alert bar display the message ‘The Planbook was successfully shared’.

To View a Planbook that was shared with you

If a teacher has shared a Planbook with you, you can search for it by navigating to the Planbook search page and clicking the radio button that is labeled ‘Planbooks shared with me’. 

You can now view the shared Planbook and navigate it as you would any Planbook. As long as the original creator keeps the Planbook shared with you, you will have read only access. Once they remove the share option, you will no longer be able to view this Planbook.

To Copy a Planbook that was shared with you

If you want to make changes to a Planbook that was shared with you, you need to make a copy of the Planbook by clicking on the copy icon designated by two pieces of paper. You will now be the owner of this Planbook Copy and can edit it as you would your own Planbooks.

A pop-up will display that will allow you to make changes to your Copy of the Shared Planbook.Make your changes and click on the Copy button.

You will be directed to the Timeline view of the Shared Planbook and are able to make any changes needed to this copy of the Planbook.