The following updates and features are included in this release.  Some features may be specific to an account level.

Student View (Advanced Planner Accounts)

Keep your students up-to-date by sharing your planbook.  Student view will allow you to setup a URL for students to see a read-only version of the chosen planbook.  

To set this up go to the "My Planbooks" menu item at the top of the page and select student sharing.  Give it a name, choose the planbook and, if desired, set a password.

Teacher Sharing (Advanced Planner Accounts)

Have colleagues on Planbook Plus?  Share your lesson plans using our new sharing feature. Teachers will see a read-only copy of the selected planbook. 

Go to your planbook settings.  Click on the teacher sharing tab.  Enter the email address of the Planbook Plus teacher and click to share.  

Planbook Item Copy (Advanced Planner Accounts)

Did a colleague share an amazing lesson plan with you? Want to incorporate it into your planbook?  With planbook item copy you can choose a unit or lessons for import into your plan.

Access this on the timeline view of the shared planbook.  Choose copy and follow our step-by-step wizard.