If you created new planbooks from a copy, then there may be a few items that need your attention. 

First Day of School:

System Message: The following planbook(s) from last year did not have a lesson on the first day of school. A blank lesson has been added to your new planbook for you. You will need to fill in the gap between the first day of school and the first day of your lesson plans from last year. 

How to Fix:

Adding Details to the New Blank Lesson

    1. Choose your preferred planning tool from the "planning" menu (Calendar, Timeline, Weekly Planner.)
    2. Select the planbook from the dropdown.

    3. You will see the new blank item on the first day of that school year. This item can be edited using the following tools:
    • Calendar Tool - Use the dropdown next to the lesson name and click "Edit Lesson."
    • Timeline Tool - Click the "details" link in the outline. 
    • Weekly Planner - Input text for the elements or click on the lesson name to add more details (Standards and Resources.)
**The name of the lesson can be changed on the timeline  by double-clicking the name. If you used Calendar or weekly planner, you will need to edit the name on the "Overview tab" of the lesson. 

Adding Lessons to Fill the Gap
Now that we have added details to the new blank lesson, you will need to add additional lessons each day to fill the gap. 

You can continue planning additional lessons using any of the planning tools to fill the gap be
      • Calendar Tool - Use the "Add lesson" button on each day
      • Timeline Tool - Create an outline below the first day of school. Click here to learn how.  
      • Weekly Planner - Use the "Add lesson" button on each day fill in the elements or click on the lesson name to add more details (Standards and Resources.)

    Removing the Fixed Start Date

    Once you have filled in all the lessons up to the first lesson planned from last year, you will need to remove that "fixed start date." The easiest way to remove a fixed start date is to navigate to the Timeline view of that planbook. Look in the outline for the "lock" icon. In the timeline, click on the lock icon for that item to remove the fixed start date.  

    Fixed Start Dates

    System Message: The following planbook(s) contained lessons that had fixed start dates, this means you forced your lessons to occur on a specific date. Those dates may not be the same in this new school year. You can identify these in your timeline and remove them. 


    How to Fix:

    The easiest way to remove a fixed start date is using the Timeline view. Navigate to the timeline view of the planbook that needs to be moved.  Look on the left in the outline for the "lock" icon. Click on the item in the outline. The timeline will scroll to the selected day and click the "lock" icon on the right in the timeline to remove the fixed start date. This will move the item back to the first available day for the lesson. Re-selecting the item on the left will scroll the timeline to the new location.  

    Scheduling Issues

    System Message: You have chosen a different scheduling type than your planbook(s) from last year. This may cause lessons to project out further than expected. These dates can be checked by using the timeline to ensure accuracy.  

    How to Fix:

    To check the dates of your planbook at a quick glance, you can use the Timeline View. Navigate to the timeline for the planbook that you need to check and see that there are no gaps, or that your planbook expends too far in the year. You can make necessary adjustments. Click here for more information on the timeline view. 

    If you chose the wrong scheduling type, you can go into the planbook settings view for that planbook and adjust the scheduling type. Click here to for more information about scheduling.

    Different Start Date

    System Message: The following planbook(s) had a start date that differed more than a month from your original planbook. A blank lesson has been added to your planbook for you. Use the Timeline to ensure all lesson dates are accurate.   


    How to Fix:

    To check the dates of your planbook, navigate to the Timeline View for that planbook. 

    If you need to add lessons and fill the gap, then follow the steps above in the "First Day of School" section. 

    If you did not need the new lesson that was added, you can simply remove that lesson from the timeline. Click the X icon or click to highlight the item and press the delete key.