The elements of your lesson plans can be changed per planbook by visiting your 'Planbook Settings' and clicking on the 'Design' tab. The Element Designer can also be accessed from the 'Planbook Item Edit' page and the 'Weekly Planner' by clicking the 'Customize Element Design' button.

Editing and Adding Fields to Lesson Plans

Step 1: Select the planbook you would like in which you would like to edit the Elements and Student Sharing by using the drop down arrow.

Step 2a: Adding a New Field to your Lesson Plan Design. 

To add a new field, enter a field name, select a type of field, and set your student sharing options. When you are done, click the 'Add' button.

Multi-Line Text - allows you to type in paragraphs of information

Drop Down List- allows you to set specific choices in a list format (i.e. Bloom's levels) 

Number- allows you to insert numbers (i.e. point value; length of lesson, tier levels, block numbers) 

Date- allows you to pick a specific date from a calendar

Radio Button Listallows you to set specific choices in a list format (i.e. Bloom's levels, Habits of Mind, Gardner's Multiple Intelligences) 

Step 2b: Editing Existing field in your lesson plan design

To edit the field name and student sharing options of an element, click on the 'pencil' icon. To delete an element click on the 'delete' icon. 

Note: If an element is deleted and there are lesson plans typed in that field, you will lose this information. In this case, it is best to rename the element so you do not lose anything that was typed in this field.

To set student sharing for each element, use the drop down menu. 

'Not Shared' will never share that element and will be not be visible to students. The icon is absent when the never option is selected indicating it has not been opted sharing.

'Share Immediately' will always share that element and will be visible to students. This Icon is grayed out to show it is always shared.

'Share Manually' gives you the option to share or not to share with a check box in calendar view. This Icon is able to be edited showing the choice to share. 

'Shared on Date' will look the same as 'Share manually' once the date of the lesson occurs. Until the date of the lesson the student sharing icon will be grayed out with no check in the box.

Appending a Design from another Planbook

If you have a design you would like to append from another planbook, scroll to the bottom of the screen and select the planbook in which you would like to append the design from. You can preview the design before you append by clicking on the 'View Design' link.  

This should be done before lesson plans are typed into a planbook.