Daily Actions

You will now be able to quickly assign a day off from school directly from the calendar. Please click the gear icon located on the right side of the day header while on the calendar view.

Lesson Actions

With our latest update, you will be able to select one of several actions on your planbook lesson from the calendar view. Click the gear icon in the top right corner of the lesson box. The new drop down menu has 6 options.

Insert New Lesson

You can now insert a lesson from the calendar view. Previously this was only possible from the timeline view.  When inserting a lesson on the Calendar view, Planbook Plus will move the current planned lesson to the next day automatically. 

When inserting a new lesson, you also have the option to restore a previously deleted lesson as the lesson for that day. Click "Restore Lesson" from the "Add Planbook Lesson" pop up screen. 

No Lesson Today

You are now able indicate when there will be no lesson on a day for a Class (planbook) from the calendar view. This will label the day as "No Lesson Today" and if a lesson was currently added on that day, it will move the current lesson to the next day 


Delete a Lesson

 Click the trash can icon located next to the gear icon to delete a lesson.

All Owned Planbooks by Default

All owned planbooks are now shown by default when logging in. To view the shared Planbooks, you will need to select the "Planbooks Shared With Me" radio button. 



New colors and accessibility added for "No lesson today" or "No School Today" The place holder will reflect the color of the Planbook (class) for Planbook holidays. The tile will be black on the days there are no school.


Placeholders will give a basic layout of your Planbooks that you can use to easily add your new lessons. New lessons may be added to each Planbook on any day by clicking on the "Add New Lesson" link in the placeholder for the appropriate Planbook.

If there is a set time for the Planbook, it will appear in-line with the rest of the lessons for that planbook. If there is no set day the lesson plan will appear at the bottom of the scheduled activities.