Calendar Updates

      We are excited to introduce the ability to do more tasks directly from the Calendar View.

   Daily Actions- Add a Day off from school right from the calendar by clicking the Daily Header Settings

   Lesson Actions- You Now can quickly perform several actions, such as inserting a new lesson or canceling a lesson, directly from the Calendar by clicking the Lesson Action settings button.

Holidays-  A black tile will indicate  a school closing, making it stand out among your lesson plans. When there won't be a lesson held on a given day, such as assembly or early dismissal, you can choose "No lesson today" and the color will match that of your Class planbook.

Placeholders- Whether you are viewing one planbook or all planbooks, It will be easy to see where a lesson needs to be added and quickly start planning that lesson from the calendar.

Assessment creator 

     Create your own Planbook Plus quizzes or take home exams for your students.