If you have some Non-teaching days that you want all teachers to have on each of their planbooks, such as Teacher Orientation, Meet the Teacher or In-Service Day etc., a template planbook would be the way to do this.

Create the Template Planbook 

  • With a teacher account, you will click on the black menu bar Planbooks" menu and select "Add Planbook".
  • Create your planbook and click on the "Planbook Settings" tab.
  • On this page, you will click on the “Edit” link in line with the "No Lesson Days" check box.

  • Click on the date on the calendar that you want to add the non-teaching day and add a label for it.
  • Next click the green circle button to add this date.

Set up as many No Lesson Days as you need for the year. You can remove a date if you need to make a change by clicking on the red circle.

Click the “Return to Settings” arrow to go back once you have entered all your no lesson days.

Sharing the Template Planbook with your Teachers

Now that the Template Planbook has been created, you need to share it with your teachers.

  • Click on the “Planbook Settings” tab and you can select the teachers to share this Template Planbook with. Your screen will have all your teachers listed if you have a district account. The screen shot below is from a single teacher account, but the page is generally the same. 
  • Select who you want to share this template planbook with and click “Share”.

Shared with Teacher Logging in to COPY the Template 

NOW I am logging in as a teacher that had the Planbook Template shared with me.

  • Navigate to the “Planbook Search” page and click the radio button labeled “Planbooks Shared with Me” then click the calendar view icon button.

Now I see the 2 items that were set up in the Template Planbook. This is a VIEW ONLY copy.  I am not the owner.

COPY the Template Planbook to make it my own

I need to copy the Template Planbook so I can be the new owner and add my lesson plans for the year.

  • Click the “My Planbooks” option on the black menu bar and select “Search Planbooks” and select “Planbooks Shared with me”.
  • To make a copy of this planbook, click the 2 pieces of paper icon in the Actions column to give me ownership of a copy of the Template Planbook to be my own.  I can now change the name of the planbook, set the days or schedule and click “Copy”.

Click on the “Calendar” tab and you will see the “No Lesson” days set up and are now able to add your own lessons to this planbook.